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Aesthetic ways of life


 "Elephant Rocks in Autumn Mist"

Imagining from inside the cave. Residence Media room.

Mural Artist Shweta Bhatt Shah

Shweta is an accomplished Muralist, Typography Artist, and Illustrator. Her work is featured in public buildings, parks, museums, and private collections all around the world, in countries such as New Jersy, Michigan, India, Canada and the United States. Shweta has been providing interior and exterior mural painting and design services for residential, commercial, and public spaces since 2011. Her style extends from classical and trompe-l’oeil to abstract and decorative painting. Her work ranges from the large-scale interior and exterior murals painted directly on walls and existing surfaces such as panels, metal, canvas, and other materials. If you are looking to manifest beauty, inspiration, and creativity through murals, contact Shweta for more information.

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